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Admission Guide


Required Documentation
Payment of tuition fees

Once you have submitted your admission documents, you will be required to deposit your tuition and other fees into your virtual account issued by the institution. The amount and method of payment will be given upon the applicants successful admittance.

You must make a deposit under your name within the period of time given

The registration fee must be converted and exchanged into KRW (Korean Currency)

We can not be held liable for the refund of the deposit fee if the visa is denied. Applicants will be liable for the fees upon denial of visa.

K-WAVE Korean Education Institute tuition fees
Tuition fee/ year Dormitory / 6 months Insurance/ year OT fee/1 time Deposit / 1 time
KRW 4,800,000 KRW 960,000 KRW 200,000 KRW 100,000 KRW 50,000