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Admission Guide


1. Issuance of standard admission letter for issuing student visa

To receive a student visa, you must obtain a standard admission letter from our university and submit it to the Immigration Office

In order to receive the standard admission letter, the financial sponsor's financial documentation and certifications required by the school must be submitted

2. Application and issuance of a student visa (D-4)

Foreign students in Korea

  • - Among those residing in the Republic of Korea their visa status to be changed and change into a D-4 (Overseas Studying) before the semester starts and not holding D-4 visa are obliged to contact the immigration office and solicitate

Foreign students living overseas

A. China, Cuban nationality : Application for visa issuance authorization

  • - After applying for visa issuance approval from the university to the immigration office, when the visa issuance number is issued, then student will be assigned a number. Students apply for an individual visa by visiting their home country's consulate.

B. China, Cuba, and other countries : Apply for the D-4 visa at the Korean Embassy or Consulate in your home country

  • - Application : Embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Korea
  • - Required documents : Standard admission letter, passport, visa issuance form (issued by the embassy or consulate)
  • - Depending on your diplomatic mission, you may request additional documents (such as a receipt of tuition payment, a certificate of final academic achievement or equivalent of transcripts, a certificate of identity, a certificate of bank deposit balance, etc.)
3. Alien registration

Applicants must apply for alien registration at the Immigration Office within 30 days from the issuance date of the visa (if they have permission to change their status of residence)

A. Place to submit application: Immigration Office / Inquiries phone# : 1345

B. Required documents: passport, proof photograph (passport, white background), alien registration application, certificate of enrollment, certificate of payment of tuition, etc.

4. Foreign student insurance (Obligatory)
  • - The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea requires compulsory medical insurance for foreign students in case of unexpected accident or illness. The types of insurance are classified into three categories : "insurance for home health insurance", "local health insurance", and "foreign student insurance for domestic accident insurance companies". Details will be announced when successful applicants are selected