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Specialized College of Korea(SCK) World Class College(WCC) Prestigious College(LINC+)

DONG-AH INSTITUTE OF MEDIA AND ARTS is the only college in Korea in the field of broadcasting and arts and as Korea's best specialized college, focusing on the specialization of broadcasting and arts from the Korean Ministry of Education(SCK), a world-class college (WCC), a prestigious college (LINC+) with a major college for industrial cooperation.

Moreover, DONG-AH INSTITUTE OF MEDIA AND ARTS is actively engaged in international exchanges with leading colleges in broadcasting and arts, including the United States, China, Japan, the U.K, Russia and Thailand with the aim of becoming a global college. Starting from 2016, the college operated Bridge TV, the first national broadcasting channel, and produced countless K-WAVE stars.

The K-WAVE Korean Education Institute, born on the basis of this excellent infrastructure of DONG-AH INSTITUTE OF MEDIA AND ARTS, is the first K-WAVE (K-pop, K-arts, K-media, K-beauty). It was established for the purpose of specialized K-WAVE, Korean and Korean pop culture education to foreign students.

We will do our best to help foreign students who enter K-WAVE Korean language institute become the best experts in not only Korean language but also broadcasting arts field by receiving the best educational and educational environment of DONG-AH INSTITUTE OF MEDIA AND ARTS.

  • Nam Woo Hyun

    Infinite Nam Woo Hyun

    14th grade in practical music

  • Lee Kwang Soo

    Actor Lee Kwang Soo

    4th grade in Broadcasting performance

  • Han Sang Hyuk

    VIXX Han Sang Hyuk

    14th grade in acting

  • Lee Hong Bin

    VIXX Lee Hong Bin

    15th grade in acting

  • ZICO

    Block B ZICO

    15th Acting art

  • JUN. K

    2PM JUN. K

    11st grade in acting

  • Changmin

    2AM Changmin

    10th graduate class in Film & Arts

  • Ha Sung Woon

    Wanna-One Ha Sung Woon

    13rd grade in Broadcasting performance